The musical instrument pickups, effects units and amplifiers designed and manufactured
by Harry DeArmond and Bud Rowe and later by Steve Tosh in Toledo, Ohio, from the 1940s to the 1980s, through Rowe Industries Inc.,
H. N. Rowe & Company, Rowe DeArmond Inc., DeArmond Inc. and Tosh Electronics, all of Toledo, Ohio, USA.


    Some D'Angelico Model G-7 guitars were fitted with DeArmond Model 2200 pickups.  The pickups shown in this photo are not by DeArmond (photo courtesy of Dave Williams of Monkton Guitars, Boulder, Colorado, USA).

  A set of two model 2200 humbuckers (2200 B & 2200 T) with embossed DeArmond logo was fitted in some of the D'Angelico Model G-7 archtop guitars.  The only difference between the B and T versions of this pickup is the height of the mounting bezels.  The B bezel is 3/8'' (9.5mm.) and the T bezel is 9/16" (14.3mm.).