The musical instrument pickups, effects units and amplifiers designed and manufactured
by Harry DeArmond and Bud Rowe and later by Steve Tosh in Toledo, Ohio, from the 1940s to the 1980s, through Rowe Industries Inc.,
H. N. Rowe & Company, Rowe DeArmond Inc., DeArmond Inc. and Tosh Electronics, all of Toledo, Ohio, USA.


  The Harry Volpe archtop guitar used one pickup as shown.  This pickup was used on only one other guitar, the 1956 Rickenbacker Combo 400, with the bezel concealed under the pickguard (photo copyright Jim Fisch)

  The Emperor Zephyr guitar used one pickup as shown, a variant of the Model 2000, with chrome metalwork and a black coil former (photo copyright Rod Norwood)


The Emperor Zephyr Regent guitar used three pickups as shown, variants of the Model 2000, with gold-plated metalwork and  white coil former