The musical instrument pickups, effects units and amplifiers designed and manufactured
by Harry DeArmond and Bud Rowe and later by Steve Tosh in Toledo, Ohio, from the 1940s to the 1980s, through Rowe Industries Inc.,
H. N. Rowe & Company, Rowe DeArmond Inc., DeArmond Inc. and Tosh Electronics, all of Toledo, Ohio, USA.


  Rickenbacker used just one confirmed DeArmond pickup in their guitar range, in the Combo 400 single-pickup solid guitar.  The pickup's bezel is hidden beneath the gold-anodised aluminum pickguard, as shown below.  This pickup also appears to have been fitted at the bridge position in the 1957 Combo guitar.  This pickup was also used in the Harry Volpe Model Epiphone guitar seen in the Epiphone section, with a visible bezel.

The 1957 Combo 1000 guitar's two black bar pickups with a rectangular top plate appear to be by DeArmond, as fitted in a Silvertone branded guitar.

Rickenbacker Model 400 combo single-pickup solid guitar.